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Heritage Genealogy

Connecting families one generation at a time

Everyone deserves to know who they are, where they come from and how they belong.

Family Tree Research

Perfect for those looking to learn about their family and where they come from.

Genetic Genealogy

Genetic genealogy is utilized by adoptees, law enforcement and those searching for relatives.

Brick Wall Assistance

When you have a specific issue you’re looking for help with.

Specialized services with the results you need

Feeling connected to our foundation is a basic human need. We’re all curious to one extent or another about our family’s origin story. For those whose families haven’t passed down information genealogy may be the path to finding those answers.

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We are driven by understanding

Understanding what it means to need to know where you come from. It’s your story and you deserve to have it told.

Connecting to Your Roots

We frequently use resources such as Wills, Probate Records and Maps to provide greater detail on the lives of your ancestors.

The first image is a record from the Probate Court in Coffee County Alabama in 1871 for the estate of Jane H Bishop deceased; it contains the proof our client was looking for that daughter of Jane H Bishop, Mary Frances Bishop (listed as M F Cardwell in the record) was the wife of John D. Cardwell.

The second image is a map of The Pueblo de San Jose in 1847. Included in the map, on sections 23 and 7, early settlers of San Jose are found, Francisco Sesena (Cesena) and Pedro Sepeda (Zepeda). The children of Francisco and Pedro would marry and while the families were both Mexican this gave our client an understanding of how the families met in what would become the United States.

The Pueblo De San Jose in 1847 included early settlers Francisco Sesena / Cesena and Pedro Sepeda / Zepeda.

“Thank you so much for all of this information. I am crying as I type this to you.”


“I am impressed. Thanks for all you have shared with me. I appreciate it so much.”


“I never would have learned so much about my family without you. This means the world to me.


Everyone deserves to know who they are, where they come from and how they belong

Everyone’s story is unique, take steps to bring life to yours today!